Peregrine’s Tale (Timmy Quinn #4) by Kealan Patrick Burke

The fourth installment in this series takes a look at peregrine’s backstory, the person who plays a huge role in what’s happening between the world behind the curtains and the mortal world, but hasn’t had much screen time until this book.

I loved this. It felt the scenes in Harry Potter when Harry would go into other’s memories, except the reader is Harry and we are thrown in without someone explaining to us what exactly we are seeing. It’s short and somewhat distanced, but leaves us wanting more by the end, especially since it ends on a twist.

The biggest genre in this novella is dark mystery, again reminding me of Harry Potter when we learn Voldemort’s story, as there is a similar dark mood over the story.

Given how much I disliked the previous two installments in this series, I am so glad one of the books in the series brought me happiness like the first book did. I think it’s due to children being the focal point of the story. Again, like the turtle boy, this one showed me a genre that I really enjoy- dark mystery. Given that I tend to stray away mystery, this showed me that I enjoy dark mysteries, so long as they are short. 



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